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Hong Qian, Ac. Nd

Over the years we have continued to bring the most current professional developments into our practice. In addition, we are very active in helping it find its place as a part of our healthcare system.
We strive to provide the best acupuncture care possible and look forward to trying our best to help you.

Hong Qian Ac. Nd

1. Education (1981-1986):

---Medical Degree of Bachelor, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chengdu, 1986

2. Experience:

First People's Hospital of Chengdu,
Physician in charge and acupuncture expertise

Physician, General Resident in First People's Hospital of Chengdu City.Worked in Respiratory Section and Neurology Section for two years, Gastroenternal Section and Hematological Section for 2 years, Cardiovascular Section, Urinary Sec. and Endocrine Sec. for 2 years, Emergency Sec. for one year. Having independent work ability, being able to handle with common internal diseases and frequently happened diseases. Familiar with all kinds of diagnostic and treating techniques, such as all kinds of punctures(including thoracentesis, lumbar puncture, abdominocentesis, bone marrow puncture and biopsy, pericardiocentesis.), artificial pneumothorax suitcase, electrocardio monitor device, etc. Work independently for emergency cases, skilled perform internal dangerous and emergency rescue, such as all kinds of shocks ( cardiogenic, allergic, infectious, low blood volume), pneumothorax, bronchiectasis, myocardial infarction, arrythmia, heart failure, epilepsy, cerebral vascular accident, peptic-tract bleeding, coma due to diabetes, respiratory failure, heptocoma, kidney failure, toxication by tranquilizer, alcohol and gas, injury by electricity.

Physician in charge in First People's Hospital of Chengdu. Engaged in Dangerous and emergency rescue, treatment of special and difficult Diseases. Be good at Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) differenciation, points selection and treatment based on TCM theory.Use scalp acupuncture, body acupuncture, eye acupuncture, fire acupuncture, acupoints injection, hand acupuncture, ear acupuncture, plum acupuncture( seven star needle), and moxibustion to treat commonly seen diseases and difficult diseases, such as sequela of stroke (hemiplagia, aphasia, disguised medulla paralysis), vegetable, pain syndrome(frozen shoulder, neck pain, lower back pain, herpeszoster, migrain, trigemical neuralgia, dysmenorrhea), strabismus,facial paralysis, sudden deafness, gout, diabetic peripheral neurosis,obesity, dysautonomia, facial spasm, traumatic paraplagia, incontinence of urine due to operation, spinal cord inflammation, polyosclerosis. Scientific studied the mechanism and effect of acupuncture in the clinical application. Trained Austrian students and Chinese students.

---2004 –2005
Rosemont college, Acupuncture practice stage for acupuncture licence

---2004 – Present
Clinique de Sinosoins, Acupuncturist, Naturpothist

3. License and Certification:

(1) Order de Acupunctur de Quebec
(2) Naturopath
(3) Massotheapy

4. Hospital Affiliations

First People's Hospital of Chengdu, Physician in charge

5. Membership-Current and past

(1) Member of Chinese Acupuncture Academy
(2) Member of Canadian Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

6. Publications

(1) H.Qian, Y.Chen, Clinical analysis on senile pulmonery heart disease accompanied with cerebral infarction, Modern Journal of integrated Chinese Traditional and Western Medicine, No.17, Vol.9, 2000.
(2) H.Qian, Acupoints injection treatment for pertinacious hiccup(25 cases), China Folk Treatment, No.1, Vol.8, 2000
(3) H.Qian, Clinical observation of acupuncture treatment for aphasia due to cerebral vascular disease, Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion, Vol.19, 1999
(4) H.Qian, Clinical observation of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment for senile herpes zoster(30 cases), Asiamed Magazine, No.10, Vol.10, 1999
(5) H.Qian, Comprehensive treatment for cervical spondilosis(90cases), ), China Folk Treatment, No.6,Vol.9, 1999.
(6) H.Qian, Clinical application for NeGuan point, Journal of Clinical acupuncture and Moxibustion, Vol.14, No.8, 1998
(7) H.Qian, Clinical application for collateral bleeding therapy, Zhongguo Xiandai Linchuangyixue Yu Weishengfangyi.
[1] 老年肺心病急性加重期合并脑梗塞临床分析,现代中西医结合杂志, 9卷,17期
[2] 针刺配合消炎止痛仪治疗肱骨外上髁炎36例临床观察,中国特色医药杂志,
[3] 水针治疗顽固性呃逆25例,中国民间疗法
[4] 针刺治疗脑血管病失语症36例临床疗效观察, 中国针灸
[5] 围刺加艾灸为主治疗老年带状疱疹30例临床观察, 亚洲医药
[6] 综合治疗颈椎病90例,中国民间疗法
[7] 内关穴临床应用举例,针灸临床杂志
[8] 针灸疗法的临床应用体会, 中国现代临床医学与卫生防疫
[9] 针刺对原发性高血压患者 血浆内皮素,血管紧张素影响的临床研究, 中国针灸

7. Research

took part in research programs sponsored by Chengdu Health Bureau:

(1) Clinical research the influence of acupuncture on blood plasma surface element and blood vessel tense element of primary hypertension
(2) Clinical research on acupuncture treatment for diabetic peripheral neurosis.

8. Faculty and Teaching Positions - Current and Past

Lecturer in the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chengdu

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