New Acupuncture Research

Acupuncture has been effectively used for the treatment of back pain, headache, migraine, and sports injuries. However, acupuncture provides more than pain relief. It is helpful in treating anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, abdominal, menstrual cramps, weight control, infertility and much, much more.

Although acupuncture has become widely accepted and available in North America in the last 10 years, it had already been endorsed a century earlier by the renowned Canadian physician, Sir William Osler , widely referred to as the "Father of Modern Medicine":

"For lumbago [low back pain], acupuncture is the most efficient treatment" ---- Sir William Osler----

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are becoming an accepted part of our system of health care.

Research clearly demonstrates its value and its amazing diversity as a treatment modality. A few examples of the evidence and utilization of acupuncture follow:

National Institutes of Health
Consensus Statement

"Acupuncture may be useful as an adjunct treatment or an acceptable alternative or be included in a comprehensive management program for conditions including:

Myofascial Pain Asthma
Fibromyalgia Tennis Elbow
Osteoarthritis Chemo-Therapy Induced-Vomiting
Low-Back Pain and Nausea
Carpal Tunnel syndrome

The World Health Organization in 1979 recognized acupuncture as an effective treatment for 43 health problems that included:

Low Back Pain Acute Sinusitis
Rhinitis Migraine Osteoarthritis
Colitis Meniere's Disease
Peripheral Neuropathy Paralysis
Constipation Stroke

The Mind-Body Research Group at the University of South Carolina has published studies providing clear evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture treating:

• Pain
• Stress and Quality of Life
• Pain and Subjective Peripheral Neuropathy
• Oral Lesions
• Insomnia
• Oral Cortisol

Acupuncture for migraines. Patients who used acupuncture at the start of a migraine noted
reduced symptoms, required less medication and had decreased frequency of headaches during the four months of the study. Headache 2002:42:855-861

Acupuncture benefits smoking cessation program. A study combining acupuncture with education doubled the success rate over the group that had education with a sham acupuncture treatment. American Journal of Public Health 2002; 92:1642-1647

Acupuncture decreases recurring urinary tract infections. Patients in the published study noted a reduced risk of 50% of experiencing a recurrence of UTI within the six month period following the treatments. American Journal of Public Health 2002; 92:1609-1611

Clinical trial on Electroacupuncture on nausea funded by the National Institutes of Health. National Institutesof Health Press Release, July 2002

Acupuncture for the treatment of Osteoarthritis being studied. The NIH has granted a number of major research institutions millions of dollars for a four-year study. National Institutes of Health

Grant to study acupuncture awarded Mind-Body Research Group at the University of South Carolina. The study will examine the effectiveness of acupuncture in reducing symptoms of women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health fund Pennsylvania study. Approximately $1.9 million has been granted to study acupuncture for symptoms related to breast and colorectal cancer treatment.

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