Osteopathy treats the body as a whole rather than focusing on specific parts. It is based on the belief that different parts of the body are interconnected and they are dependent on one another. It helps a wide range of issues such as recent injuries, chronic illnesses (asthma, arthritis, etc.), spinal problems (poor posture), etc.

Each structure in the body supports the body’s functions. If there is an imbalance, the body will not function at its best. Also, the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive systems work in harmony with one another. The goal of osteopath is to bring the body’s components to its optimal balance. Osteopathy uses manual treatments to reduce pain, increase physical mobility, strengthening the musculoskeletal framework (joints, muscles, spine), and improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.

Conditions treated:

-Back Pain

-Neck Pain

-Shoulder Pain


-Problems with pelvis, hips and legs


-Posture Problems (work related, pregnancy)

-Headaches and Migraines

-Digestive Disorders

-Painful Periods