Treatable Conditions

The following is a list of categories of health conditions commonly treated by our acupuncturist.

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Pain Management

The principle of treating musko-skeletal and neurological pain is very simple. Acupuncture can reach the deeper levels of muscles, tendons and ligaments to order to balance the Qi and stimulate the blood circulation to remove toxins. It also greatly reduces inflammation and speeds up the healing process.

Tui Na, in combination with or without acupuncture, helps to lessen the stiffness in joints and tendons and regulate the energy throughout the body.


Female infertility arises when one or both partners have physiological or structural factors that affect reproduction. Chinese medicine and acupuncture address these concerns and can be used alone or alongside western medical fertility treatments.

Internal Medicine

The main internal medicine problems are:

  • Digestive Disorders & Weight Issues
  • Respiratory Problems & Allergies

Emotional Well-Being

To improve and treat emotional well-being, a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine work together to reduce stress, regulate and get rid of blocked Qi (energy).

Pregnancy & Labour

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture provide a safe and natural alternative to improve maternal and baby’s health, and alleviate pregnancy concerns like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, pain and labour induction acupuncture.

Women's Well-Being

The woman’s body is unique and requires care to ensure proper health and wellbeing. Many factors can affect the woman’s body including stress, diet, environmental factors, etc. Common conditions treated are infertility, menstrual disorders, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, PMS, endometriosis, etc.

Men's Well-Being

  • Prostatitis
  • Impotence
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Nocturnal Emission
  • Testicular Pain

Facial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic Acupucture)

Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural alternative to botox, fillers and plastic surgeries. Also cosmetic acupuncture can treat acne. Facial acupuncture helps to balance the energy throughout the body by increasing the production of natural collagen in the skin. The acupuncture needles cause “micro trauma” which stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen to fill in facial lines and improve blood flows to clear blemishes, rashes, dark spots, dark circles and dull skin. 

Services for All Age patients

Our goal is to bring the body to its optimal balance state