Food in TCM

Did you know that the food we eat everyday has an impact in our bodies? In TCM, food is generally categorized into 2 separate types: cool or warm. 

Chinese Medicine Tongue Map

The tongue is connected to the body, including its meridians and internal organs. Observing the tongue can give visual indications about a person’s  condition.

Ear Map in TCM

Similar to Chinese Medicine tongue map (refer to our post last week), the ear in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also is a microsystem that reflects our health.

Understanding TCM

The human body is directly and indirectly influenced by the movements and changes in nature as we live in harmony with nature. The occurrence and development of many diseases are seasonal.

Theory of Ying and Yang

Ying and Yang are opposite and also are interdependent to each other. Without the other, neither can exist. In the human body, the imbalance of Yin and Yang is associated with a health problem.

Face Color in TCM

The blackish color on a person’s skin can indicate that the kidney system is not working well. Another area that we often see this color is around the eyes.

Services for All Age patients

Our goal is to bring the body to its optimal balance state