Ear Map in TCM

Jan 1, 2021

Similar to Chinese Medicine tongue map (refer to our post last week), the ear in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also is a microsystem that reflects our health. The ear is directly and indirectly connected with 12 meridians. Thus stimulating the ear with acupuncture can rebalance the Qi and the Blood. Each point is related to an anatomical structure (kidney, heart, lungs, intestines, etc.) which can be regulated with auricular therapy or ear acupuncture. Ear acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of diseases or health conditions (weight loss management, stress management, insomnia, smoking cessation, digestive problems, depression, chronic pain, migraine, allergies, etc.)

Ear Seeds

Made with Vaccaria plant, ear seeds help to stimulate the ear acupuncture points for longer period of time, reinforcing the treatment after ear acupuncture. Ear seeds may serve as an alternative for patients with needle phobia.