Chinese Medicine Tongue Map​

Feb 1, 2021

Chinese Medicine Tongue Map

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the tongue is connected to the body, including its meridians and internal organs. Observing the tongue can give strong visual indications about a person’s overall body condition. For instance, the tongue has a special relationship with the heart (please refer to the Chinese Medicine Tongue map) and also other parts of the body.

Analyzing a patient’s condition includes observing the tongue (movement, thickness (thin or thick) and colour (white, light red, purplish red, deep red). For example, if the tongue has a whitish colour, it means the patient’s health condition is weak. If the tongue has a purplish colour, the patient may have stasis, cold symptoms or pain. Normally, a healthy person should have a light red tongue colour.


Overweight patients tend to have dampness in their body so their tongue may be larger and lighter in color. Thinner patients tend to have redder tongues because they generally have heat in their body.