Founded in 2004 by Hong Qian, Clinic of Sinosoins has received thousands of happy patients. More than 98% of treatments are effective and more than 95% of patients got healed.

In 2017, Clinic of Sinosoins has received the Top Acupuncture Clinic Award in Montreal by ThreeBestRated which rates reviews, reputation, history, ratings, complaints, nearness, satisfaction, trust, cost and excellence.

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At Clinic of Sinosoins, we offer a suite of services to bringing you back to your optimal state of balance

I was a patient at Sinosoins Clinic for many years and Hong helped me conceive 2 babies naturally with acupuncture and herbal medicine. Before I found Sinosoins clinic, I was pregnant twice and had two miscarriages. I was devastated that doctors couldn’t do anything about it despite all the efforts. Then I decided to try Chinese Medicine so I came to Hong’s clinic. After a few months, I successfully gave birth to my son. After my son was born, I wanted another baby with my husband. I was pregnant again and had another miscarriage. Then I came back to Hong’s clinic and followed more acupuncture therapies. This time, I successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I’m very grateful for this miracle. Thank you so much.


Sinosoins Patient

I was in my 40s when I wanted my baby for the first time. I had issues conceiving a baby naturally, so I tried in vitro fertilization (IVF) on two occasions. And sadly, on both occasions, it failed. I did some intensive research and wanted to try something new so I put my faith in Traditional Chinese Medicine which is a more natural approach to treating health conditions. I went to Sinosoins to see Hong about 2-3 times a week for a few months and was given herbal medicine every week. After 3 months, I was pregnant naturally. What a blessing!


Sinosoins Patient

When I was in college, I had a very stressful schedule (work and school) so my lifestyle was not healthy (not getting enough sleep). My menstruation became irregular (often late) and all of a sudden, my menstruation stopped even though I did not take any birth control pills. I was worried and anxious every night. Then I found Sinosoins and met acupuncturist Hong. She gave me acupuncture with herbal medicine, and after a few sessions, my menstruation came back. Her herbal tea also helped me tremendously with reducing stress and getting better sleep.


Sinosoins Patient

I went clubbing one time with my friends and the music at the club was very oud. The next day, I woke up with tinnitus. It was so bothersome because I couldn’t concentrate on my work and I felt constantly anxious. I went to see an otolaryngologist and he couldn’t do much other than giving me some pills. I then came to see acupuncturist Qian and after several sessions, my tinnitus was completely gone.


Sinosoins Patient

I went to visit my girlfriend on my motorcycle, and it was a chilly day. After 3 hours on the road, I arrived. That day went normal until the next morning when I woke up with facial paralysis suddenly. My left cheek felt numb and I couldn’t close my left eye properly. I also had problems drinking water as I couldn’t fully close my left side of my mouth. My smile was also crooked. For 2 months, I took some prescribed pills from my doctor and I was about 30% healed. However, the pills didn’t do further good even I took them for a while so I decided to try acupuncture at Sinosoins. After a month of treatment, my facial paralysis was healed.


Sinosoins Patient

I had allergic rhinitis for many years and every spring and fall, I had itchy eyes and runny nose. I always took over the counter allergy pills but I only had temporary relief. I also had trouble sleeping at night due to stuffy nose. I went to see acupuncturist Qian and I followed sessions of acupuncture combined with herbal medicine. After many treatments, all my allergy symptoms disappeared.


Sinosoins Patient

I suffered insomnia for a year following a bad breakup and a very stressful work environment. I could only sleep for a few hours every single night and I was always tired during the day at work. I took prescribed sleeping pills at the beginning and it helped me falling asleep but only temporary. After 5 months of taking sleeping pills, its effect slowly wears off, and I suffered from insomnia again. After only one acupuncture session with acupuncturist Qian, I felt much more relaxed both physically and psychologically and I fell asleep again. And after 4-5 sessions, I felt completely normal again and I could fall asleep now without taking any pills. With my acupuncture sessions combined with herbal medicine, the effect on me was very natural. I fall asleep naturally and my quality of sleep greatly improved. Also I wake up every morning more refreshed and energized (comparing to taking melatonin or sleeping pills, I still felt tired waking up the next day).


Sinosoins Patient

I had severe acne on my face and also my back. I tried getting rid of the problem by washing my face with acne face wash and also taking birth control pills (recommended by my doctor because it helps balancing my hormones). My acne improved by 30%. However, my acne was still very visible, and the birth control pills didn’t seem to work after. So, I tried acupuncture and herbal medicine at acupuncturist Qian’s clinic and after my bi-weekly treatments, 90% of my acne were gone. She also gave me some herbal tea to supplement my acupuncture sessions and also gave me some food recommendations. I’m very happy with the results.


Sinosoins Patient


TCM’s diagnosis and treatment is through analysing the signs and symptoms collected through the four methods of diagnosis (observation, listening/smelling, inquiring, pulse feeling and palpation) to find the cause and nature of the disease.

yin yang, harmony, balance

Ying and Yang are described as two opposing and supplementing forces in the universe. According to the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the theory of Ying and Yang refers to wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

The blackish color on a person’s skin can indicate that the kidney system is not working well. Another area that we often see this color is around the eyes. Black can be an indication of a sign of blood stagnation, severe yin and/or yang deficiency or damage.